Big Sloppy’s Album Reviews: Kill For Company – “This Sadness Lasts Forever” EP

[embedyt][/embedyt]The first time that I came across this foursome from the UK known as “Kill For Company” was about a year ago through a video for their song “Crawl”. I was so impressed that I reached out to them for an interview on our Honest Brutality Podcast which they graciously accepted. After speaking with their guitar player Quinton Lucion I knew that these guys were for real and had a true passion for what they are doing. This becomes obvious from the opening volley of the first track “Democracy Has Failed”. This song is on point and vicious from beginning to end. Merciless in it’s pace and daring you to keep up with it’s relentlessness. The second track “Isolation” actually accelerates from there. The precision timing between Lucion on guitar, Ben McCann on bass and Daniel Danby on drums is an audio spectacle to behold. I have to add that Danby’s drum work throughout the entire EP is worth the time listening alone. This young man is phenomenal. The third track “One For My Enemies” is probably my favorite song on the EP. I’m not sure why but when they get to the breakdown and Tom “Kingsize” Hennessey starts barking out his vocals I just want to start smashing everything in sight. I think that it’s safe to say that no one will be slow dancing at a wedding to this tune anytime soon. The closer is the title track “This Sadness Lasts Forever”. Needless to say it’s a neck breaker. It has all of the elements of a great metal anthem. Angry vocals, spot on rhythm section and killer riffs. Everything that I ask for in a metal tune. All told, this is a fantastic EP that every metal fan should have in their collection. The only real sadness is that there isn’t more of it. 


Rich “Big Sloppy” Markum

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