Black Sabbath reaches ” The End “

As it was announced earlier this week, Black Sabbath will be calling it a career with a tour titled “The End”. Of all the farewell tours that have either been announced or embarked upon over the past decade or so, this one hit me the hardest. After all, these are the guys who played the soundtrack of my life. Even though I knew that this day would eventually come, it didn’t make it any easier to accept. As I sit and ponder why it is that this announcement bothers me so much, I am forced to remember why I feel the way that I do. Is it that Sabbath was my first foray into the music that I would eventually come to love and enjoy? Possibly. Perhaps it’s the bond that they helped forge between my uncle and I when he gave me a used copy of “Paranoid” as a gift when I was only 12. Could be. Maybe it’s a matter of me realizing that I, myself, am not getting any younger. Makes sense. Truthfully, it’s more likely a combination of all these things. Even though it saddens me to see the conclusion of a career that spans decades, I am glad that I was able to enjoy it and come along vicariously for a ride. Thanks for the memories boys. You will truly be missed.

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