Chatting with Dave Gobran of Second Rate Angels

Big Sloppy and Evilerk venture across the pond to talk with Dave Gobran of Second Rate Angels. A new sound is emerging from Europe that is melodic, heavy and down right kick ass! Second Rate Angels is on of the bands at the forefront of what we hope is the next “British Invasion”. They are poised to release a new EP on February 26. Join us as we chat with Dave and listen for the track “Lost Days” at the end of the show. Do yourself a favor and hit their website, download the free content, like them on social sites, and spread the word so we can bring them to the states.



The third degree with Chemical Burn

Probably the most fun Honest Brutality has ever had with a band captured here for you! The craziest, funniest, most down to earth metal act we’ve met to date Chemical Burn join us for a conversation. Mike Garnica (Bass/Vocals) and Kevin Jackson (Drums) are the heart and soul of this three piece Southern California act. They have done everything you hear and see on their own and it’s quite the accomplishment. They answer our questions no matter how crazy they might be (They even have some of their own), and shoot the breeze with us for well over an hour. So crack a cold one kick back and enjoy!


Talking with Tavis Stanley


The Honest Brutality team is proud to bring you an exclusive conversation with Tavis Stanley of Art of Dying. Tavis was kind enough to be a part of our show and talk about Art of Dying’s new album “Rise Up” as well as his guitar school, childhood, and anything else we could throw at him. As if that’s not cool enough, we are beyond excited to premiere for you TWO NEW TRACKS! “Best Won’t Do” and “Space” from Art of Dying’s newly released album “Rise Up”.

Tavis on Facebook

Tavis Stanley’s Guitar School


A conversation with Art Of Dying




Canada turns out some pretty amazing rock and metal acts. One of which is Art of Dying. I had the opportunity to converse with Jonny Hetherington (who is very tall by the way) and Cale Gontier at the Aftershock Festival last weekend. These guys were killing it on stage and were fresh faced, full of smiles and amazing to sit down and talk to. They have an EP available now and a full length album getting ready to drop. Check them out!


HBAOD download

A conversation with Devour The Day


Devour the day


I have been following these guys since the Egypt Central days. I remember the first time I heard Devour The Day, and at the time not knowing the connection. Seeing these guys perform and then getting to sit down and talk with them off and on the mic was truly one of the highlights of the entire Aftershock Festival 2015 for me personally. You won’t meet two musicians as talented, cool, funny and laid back as Blake Allison and Joey “Chicago” Walser.


HBDTD download