A conversation with William Morabito of Xplore Yesterday

Honest Brutality brings you a conversation with the very talented William Morabito, vocalist for Xplore Yesterday. Fresh from the stage after a gig in the French Riviera, William sheds light on the band’s history, their You Tube success, the bands shift in styles, playing in America, and a unique perspective into the French metal scene. Head over to the links below, check out this killer band, and show them some love Honest Brutality style!


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Shooting the breeze with Steve Porter

Honest Brutality is proud to bring you a conversation with Steve Porter. Steve is a personality on the internet radio station Rock Rage Radio as well as an accomplished concert photographer. Hailing from Wisconsin, Steve brings an awesome weekly radio show Midwest Take Over highlighting the talent from the area. Steve also has an impressive photography portfolio of artists captured in the midst of their performances. Join us for some insight and laughs with an awesome guest and super cool guy.

A conversation with Felix Lawrie of Brutai

Brutai, a band with a sound that transcends pop, rock, prog, and metal in an effortless manner that works for fans of all of the above. In our tireless pursuit of new material that is worthy of the worlds attention we came across this amazing group. Felix Lawrie was gracious enough to join us for a conversation, and give us some insight into the world of Brutai. Listen, learn, laugh, and enjoy with the Honest Brutality crew and go get you some Brutai!

A conversation with Quinton Lucion of Kill For Company

The Honest Brutality crew travels once again to the UK to speak with Quinton Lucion guitarist for Kill For Company. These guys are an amazing metal act with an energy and ferocity that will leave your neck sore. Probably some of the hardest hitting stuff we’ve heard from the region let alone the rest of the world. Tune in and listen as we do what we do and have a great time talking with a super cool guy, and bad ass guitarist. #killforcompany #honestbrutalityuk #newbritishinvasion







A conversation with Mark Morales of Sons of Texas

Join the HB crew as they have a conversation with Mark Morales of Sons of Texas. Mark is nice enough to indulge the gang and talk about everything from gas prices, studio time, family, influences and anything else they can throw at him. Sons of Texas is currently touring with Hinder, and supporting their fantastic debut album Baptized In The Rio Grande. Stay tuned at the end of the show for the track Blameshift, the newest single that will rock your face off! 

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A conversation with Adam Leader of In Search Of Sun

Join Big Sloppy and Evilerk as they once again cross the globe to chat with Adam Leader of In search Of Sun. Adam is not only a fantastic vocalist for an amazingly diverse and talented band, but a hell of a cool and funny guy. Adam opens up about everything from the new album, to childhood nightmares.  Check out the track “The World Is Yours” at the end of the show, then get out there and show these guys how much we want to see them here in the States!


Chatting with Dave Gobran of Second Rate Angels

Big Sloppy and Evilerk venture across the pond to talk with Dave Gobran of Second Rate Angels. A new sound is emerging from Europe that is melodic, heavy and down right kick ass! Second Rate Angels is on of the bands at the forefront of what we hope is the next “British Invasion”. They are poised to release a new EP on February 26. Join us as we chat with Dave and listen for the track “Lost Days” at the end of the show. Do yourself a favor and hit their website, download the free content, like them on social sites, and spread the word so we can bring them to the states.



The third degree with Chemical Burn

Probably the most fun Honest Brutality has ever had with a band captured here for you! The craziest, funniest, most down to earth metal act we’ve met to date Chemical Burn join us for a conversation. Mike Garnica (Bass/Vocals) and Kevin Jackson (Drums) are the heart and soul of this three piece Southern California act. They have done everything you hear and see on their own and it’s quite the accomplishment. They answer our questions no matter how crazy they might be (They even have some of their own), and shoot the breeze with us for well over an hour. So crack a cold one kick back and enjoy!


Talking with Tavis Stanley

The Honest Brutality team is proud to bring you an exclusive conversation with Tavis Stanley of Art of Dying. Tavis was kind enough to be a part of our show and talk about Art of Dying’s new album “Rise Up” as well as his guitar school, childhood, and anything else we could throw at him. As if that’s not cool enough, we are beyond excited to premiere for you TWO NEW TRACKS! “Best Won’t Do” and “Space” from Art of Dying’s newly released album “Rise Up”.

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Tavis Stanley’s Guitar School