A conversation with Melted Vinyl

This episode we talk with Sam Kritzer, Wolfgang King, Landon Ferris, and Alex Bender of Los Angeles based Melted Vinyl. This group of young men have old souls, and classic sensibilities when it comes to their music. Blending classic rock, blues and modern influences into an entirely new type of rock. Join us as we explore the formation, influences, and future goals of Melted Vinyl.

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A conversation with No Resolve

This episode we talk with Oscar James Pegorraro, Jason Hatmaker, Matty Shea, Derek Bjornson, and Dennis Patterson of No Resolve. Hailing from Detroit, No Resolve are a talented, hard working, no nonsense band that are going places fast. The guys talk with us about everything under the sun including their formation, style, influences, struggles and even men in rompers. Check out the conversation and their highly recommended new album Unity.

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FULL LENGTH ALBUM “UNITY” IS AVAILABLE NOW AT iTunes – http://smarturl.it/noresolveunity
Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/album/6iLTfrhLyLAscXDA

A conversation with Robert Cosgrove of Sleep Signals

This episode we chat with Robert Cosgrove of Sleep Signals. Sleep Signals have made leaps and bounds in a short time with their dedication, hard work, explosive live shows, extensive touring, and impeccable song writing skills. We discuss topics including: the bands formation, growth, future, Robert stepping into the role of vocalist, the new album At the End of the World, and more. This episode also marks the first time a guest has been stung in the foot while talking with us!

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A conversation with Erik and Kristofer of Eyes Wide Open

This episode we talk with Erik Engstrand and Kristofer Strandberg of Eyes Wide Open. Hailing from Sweden Eyes Wide Open are an unrelenting metal powerhouse with a fresh approach, incorporating catchy riffs, melodies, and huge choruses into their aggressive sound. Join us as we discuss their influences, trials and tribulations, the new album And So It Begins, and more.

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A conversation with Chasing Desolation

This episode we talk with Seth Perez and Jimmy Strimpel of the Los Angeles CA based band Chasing Desolation. A powerful, dynamic, and well polished act with a refreshing sound, Chasing Desolation are poised to do big things in the music world. We chat with Jimmy and Seth about their influences, training, the state of the industry and more.




A conversation with Fear Control


This Episode we are joined by Kash Sarkaria and Mack Condit  from the Austin, TX based Fear Control. Aggressive, powerful, unrelenting, polished, smart and funny, Fear Control are a force to be reckoned with in the modern metal scene. Find out what makes them tick, and where they’re headed next with us.

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Fear Control Twitter: @FearControlTX