A Mother’s Story / The Reason

We are honored to bring you a very special episode of Honest Brutality. In an effort to shed some light on the origins of the Bands Against Bullying movement we reached out to Jennifer, the mother of Erica Smith. Jennifer talks candidly with us about the circumstances surrounding and leading up to her 12 year old daughters unfortunate suicide. The amount of respect we have for this woman’s honesty and courage to come on our show and discuss this can not be described in words alone. We hope that this conversation reaches those that feel alone in similar situations, and take great pride in helping to share Erica’s story.

In Loving Memory Of Erica Smith


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Bands Against Bullying Artist Under The Radar

One of our favorite bands, Under The Radar, is back! Under The Radar are a group of very talented young men from Memphis, TN with a bright future ahead.The UTR boys sit down with the HB crew and talk about recent shows, New material, and their perspective on bullying and suicide in today’s youth culture. We can’t wait to see these guys tear it up on stage at this year’s Bands Against Bullying show!

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Bands Against Bullying Artist Caliber Theory

Join us for a conversation with Texas based Hard rock band Caliber Theory. This hard hitting, melodic power house will be gracing the stage at the Bands Against Bullying festival in Neosho, MO this year and we couldn’t be more excited. Rarely does a band come along that has this much passion and heart. Sit in as we discuss the bands origins, style, past, future and more.

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Bully talk with Benny Henderson

This episode we are joined by radio personality, music reviewer, freelance writer, and former boxer Benny Henderson to discuss the topic of bullying, its impact on individuals and society. Benny has been a key supporter in our endeavor to raise awareness through the Bands Against Bullying event, and reached out so he could tell his story. Check Benny out on Rock Rage Radio, his podcast and give him some love.

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Bands Against Bullying Artist One Nation Under

Get to know One Nation Under before you see them at Bands Against Bullying. Homegrown, bad ass, all American metal from a group of very humble and amazing guys. Members of this band are connected with the very reason Bands Against Bullying got started, and we couldn’t be happier that they are on the bill. Check out the conversation,their music, come see them at Bands Against Bullying, and give them some love!

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A conversation with Rasmus Revsbech of Franklin Zoo

Rasmus Revsbech is quite possibly one of the most interesting guys we’ve ever spoken with in the rock and metal world. Not only is he the soaring, sonic voice of the Denmark band Franklin Zoo, he’s also a psychologist, a dad, and one hell of an awesome guest. The music scene in Denmark is burgeoning with amazing music and Franklin Zoo is no exception. Get to know more about this amazing band, and their very unique front man.

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