Bands Against Bullying Artist One Nation Under

Get to know One Nation Under before you see them at Bands Against Bullying. Homegrown, bad ass, all American metal from a group of very humble and amazing guys. Members of this band are connected with the very reason Bands Against Bullying got started, and we couldn’t be happier that they are on the bill. Check out the conversation,their music, come see them at Bands Against Bullying, and give them some love!

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A conversation with Rasmus Revsbech of Franklin Zoo

Rasmus Revsbech is quite possibly one of the most interesting guys we’ve ever spoken with in the rock and metal world. Not only is he the soaring, sonic voice of the Denmark band Franklin Zoo, he’s also a psychologist, a dad, and one hell of an awesome guest. The music scene in Denmark is burgeoning with amazing music and Franklin Zoo is no exception. Get to know more about this amazing band, and their very unique front man.

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15 minutes with Brian Tatler of Diamond Head

Your host Evil recently had the opportunity through our affiliation with Rock Rage Radio to speak with the legendary guitarist Brian Tatler of Diamond Head. One of the forefathers of modern metal, Brian took some time to discuss their new self titled album, touring, classical influences and his thoughts on modern metal.

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A conversation with SEA

This episode we hang out with the very talented SEA. This awesome rock act from Copenhagen Denmark are poised to make a huge splash on the music scene with their new album “The Grip Of Time”. Join us as we get to know the guys and their music.

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A conversation with Gino Silva of Tribulance

Come with us further into the depths of the Arizona music scene. This time around with a very fun and outspoken Gino Silva, bassist for Tuscon’s very own Tribulance. A hard working band that encompasses classic rock sensibilities, a modern edge, while being filled with energy and symbolism. We have a great time hanging out with Gino, and encourage you to go out get their music and see them live.

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A conversation with Gino Silva of Tribulance

A conversation with Tommy Leak Jr. of RETROFEELYA

This episode we talk with guitarist Tommy Leak Jr. of RETROFEELYA. A rock band from New York with a unique sound that is a mix of the classic and modern sounds you love, RETROFEELYA is ready to do big things on the rock scene. In the two short years they’ve been together they opened for major artists, and headlined their own shows. Join us as we get to know Tommy and what the future holds for this incredible band.

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A conversation with Murkocet

This episode features the Arizona cut throat all American metal act Murkocet. Aggressive both in their music and approach to the scene. Murkocet make sure no one leaves a live show disappointed. Get to know the guys with us, and get ready to rock the f*&k out! Listen to the episode, go get their music, and show them some love HB style!


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A conversation with Glacier Eater

Hailing from the birthplace of thrash as we know it comes the ferocious, fun loving, one of a kind Glacier Eater. A four piece power house straight out of our back yard that should be in every self respecting metal heads playlist. The guys sit down with us and give us the history of the band, the state of the music scene in the Bay Area, all having some laughs.

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A conversation with Eric July of Backwordz

Eric July is known as an activist, anarcho capitalist, Libertarian, podcaster, former track star, rapper, and vocalist / front man of the scene changing band Backwordz. A voice for the voiceless in a tumultuous world, Backwordz aims to educate while they entertain with a fresh and powerful genre all their own. We sat down with the outspoken Eric July to discuss the release of the debut Backwordz album “Veracity”, politics in music, collaborating with Fronz of Attila, thoughts on his former band, Backwordz partnership with Stay Sick Records, and much more. Enjoy the conversation, a couple of amazing tracks from the new album, and an exclusive Eric July freestyle rap for the Honest Brutality family!