What the F@%$ is Bands Against Bullying?

Hello, loyal followers and curious newcomers! You may have seen the poster for a new, unique, Midwestern festival dotting your media feeds lately. While looking at this poster, you may find your inner voice asking “What the f*** is this?” Well, here at Honest Brutality, we feel strongly about the idiocy that is bullying. So strongly, that we decided it was time to involve ourselves in an event that paints exactly how we feel through our favorite medium of all time, music! That event, is the Bands Against Bullying festival!

The question still stands though, what exactly is this Bands Against Bullying festival? Well, good reader, it’s a culmination of the efforts of Rock Rage Radio and DMG Productions to bring you a few simple things:

  • Amazing rock & metal Music from talented, budding acts.
  • A chance to meet (and party with) the Honest Brutality Crew, and
  • A new, charitable event right in the US heartland.

Who are these talented acts, who might ask? Well to start, we have Caliber Theory, Severmind, Switchbach, Machine in the Mountain, One Nation Under, Under the Radar, and Crane Technique.

We will have more to announce so be sure you’re following Honest Brutality, Rock Rage Radio, and DMG Productions on all your various media outlets to keep up to date on all the news we have to bring you ¬†on this exciting and charitable event. Be ready to party with the Honest Brutality Crew in Neosho, Missouri on June 10th, 2017 as we enjoy kick ass music and shout F*** Bullies! We hope to see you all there this summer! Most of all, disciples, never forget to STAY METAL!!


  1. Jennifer Lantz

    Bullying took my daughters life here in neosho. Naomi Ranae made a post on Facebook she titled emergency call to action. She is referring to my 12 year old daughter, Erica Lynn Smith who took her own life on January 19th , 2016. Almost 1 year after some boys made meme’s on Facebook and snapchat that were not very nice..referring to being Erica and wanting to hang out..a noose and Erica ‘s picture. There have been 4 other suicides within the neosho school district since Erica our children are dying because of this issue. I beg please support this cause!!!!

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