GENUS ORDINIS DEI: “Great Olden Dynasty” Album Review

Be prepared to re-evaluate EVERYTHING you know about amazing metal, and welcome to your record collection your new favorite metal band GENUS ORDINIS DEI.

  Bringing an evolutionary take on the late 90’s early 2000’s heavy metal vocal trend and the deceptively beautiful, yet sinister applications of modern symphonic metal. Here with the album Great Olden Dynasty, you are treated to a spine shattering collection of 10 of the BEST metal songs to be produced in all of 2017. 



 From the very beginning, 4 simple words light fire to a path of ABSOLUTELY DEVISTATING symphonic heavy metal album in Great Olden Dynasty. Grabbing you by your chest and leading you underwater long past the point of safety to a whole new world encompassed in deadly riffs, and cold calculated symphonic melodies. Guitarist / Vocalist Nick K leads the path into The Unleashed, the opening track, followed in tow by guitarist Tommy Mastermind, bassist Steven F. Olda, and Drummer Richard Meiz the 4 lay out a dynamic picture of what is about to be the BEST metal album you will hear in 2017 hands down.

Once you get in the album, when you make a deeper under water, you can start to really feel how dynamic GENUS ORDINIS DEI really is in the piano riddled Morten. A 6-minute display of many of their real attributes together as a band and raw talent as individual artists. As Morten carefully displays itself for you to take in, you are taken through masterfully pieced together instrumentals leading to chest beating primal vocals, and then back over and over and its executed SO damn flawlessly!

It isn’t even like that’s the plateau of GENUS ORDINIS DEI. After you thrash relentlessly about in a mosh pit in your living room to the crunchy, deep gutted riffs to ID 12401 and a couple others you get treated to what? To what you ask? To Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil? Yes, you read that right, one of the most beautiful voices in all of metal lends her voice to the track Salem, this addition turns this already 10 star album into 11, fuck, this thing just shot to 12!  

 I cannot say enough amazing things about this album. If you like Bands like Lamb of God, Meshuggah, Fleshgod Apocalypse or any of their brothers you want this album… less want, more need.  Do you need some heavy neck breaking head banging shit? Got it! Do you need some classy turned down low to settle the evening? Got it! Do you need something diverse, new, and innovative to stimulate your inner metal? Got it! This album is a complete piece of art. Do not hesitate, don’t ‘go check out your buddie’s band’, go check out GENUS ORDINIS DEI and the monumental release Great Olden Dynasty and be prepared to learn to breath all over again.  

Evan Wulff



GENUS ORDINIS DEI is (left to right): Steven F. Olda (Bass), Nick K, (Vocals & Guitar), Richard Meiz (Drums), Tommy Mastermind (Guitar) 


Great Olden Dynasty 

1: The Unleashed 

2: You Die In Roma 

3: Cold Water 

4: The Flemish Obituary 

5: Sanctuary Burns 

6: Morten 

7: ID 13401 

8: Halls of Human Delights 

9: Salem (ft. Cristina Scabbia) 

10: Greyhouse 




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