“Ghost” keeps haunting my mind.

Recently on one of our podcasts we discussed the band Ghost. Having listened to a number of their songs and watching their videos, I just couldn’t get into them. No matter how hard that I tried, it just didn’t register well with me. They seemed like this cool, creepy band that I should dig but the music just wasn’t as metal as the band portrayed themselves to be. At least that was “my” perception. With that said, their has been a lot of positive press on these guys recently. I keep hearing how brilliant the music is and that they are growing in popularity with no end in sight. So, I decided to give them one more try. I’m glad that I did. I dialed up a song from the new album titled “From the Pinnacle to the Pit”. As I was listening, it dawned on me that these guys are not a “metal” band but a straight ahead rock band with their own unique sound and style. I had allowed the imagery that they portray to mislead me into thinking that they should be heavier than they sounded. At the very least, the vocals should sound more menacing than they are. Shouldn’t they? Turns out that I was wrong. The vocals are actually perfect and haunting. The more that I listened, the more I was drawn in. I found the music to be almost hypnotic, subtle and dark. Now, as I crawl deeper into their catalog, I can’t help but hear the influences of bands such as “Q and the Mysterians” and “Batlord”. Does this mean that they are going to be my new favorite band? No, probably not. However, they have gained a new fan. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up painting a skull on my face and sing “Cirice” while in line at the grocery store. You never know.

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