“In Search of Sun” and “Second Rate Angels” are proving that the London music scene is alive and well.

Over a period of the last few months I have been seeking out new fresh music to listen to. So far I have found a lot to like. However, there are 2 bands that have really stood out in my mind, both hailing from the London area. The first of which is “In Search of Sun”. This band first caught my ear a few months ago. Intense, methodical, intriguing music that is not like the cookie cutter music that seems to be so prevalent these days. Tons of energy to go along with excellent song writing. The song that introduced me to these guys is titled “The world is yours”, which is the title track from their 2014 album. From the first note to the last, this song is flawless. This led me to purchase the entire album, which I must admit is not always the case for me when I purchase music. Most of the time I will simply pick out the songs that I like and move on. In the case of this album, it would have been a mistake. Every song on this album stands on it’s own. A rare treat these days. The even more exciting news is that these guys are working on a new album. They recently released a video for the song “Elevation”. Once again, a great song and excellent video, as well. It’s obvious that these guys are talented and should be on the cusp of a potential breakout year. The other band from the same area is “Second Rate Angels”. Just like In Search of Sun, these guys are starting to crank out new original sounding music that keeps you wanting more. Don’t let the name fool you. There is nothing second rate about these guys. They recently released  a new single, “2 in 24”, that is as catchy a rock song as you are going to find. Hopefully it will garner some air play and get these guys noticed. What stands out to me is how tastefully they wrap the music around the vocals. Spot on guitar work and some kick ass drumming.  It’s easy to see that these guys are professionals. I can’t hardly wait for the rest of their second EP to be released in February. With the emergence of these 2 bands, one has to wonder if London is the next launching point for rock and metal, much like L.A. was in the 80’s and Seattle in the 90’s. As a true rock and metal fan, I hope that it is.

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