You Know What it Stands For: Review of S.T.F.U. by KillSET

   Ever found yourself wondering what would happen if (hed) P.E. and P.O.D. had a baby? If you have, then you’ve probably heard of KillSET. They’re pretty much like that thing I described, only way better than you would imagine. KillSET punches your earholes right in the face, but is nice enough to buy them lunch afterwards.

  So what would be better than discovering an awesome band like KillSET? Discovering they’re dropping a brand new album in 2017, of course. S.T.F.U., KillSET’s Sophomore release, is set to drop on July 7th, 2017. S.T.F.U. will kick you in the balls and whisper softly in your ear simultaneously. It may sound like a metaphor, but that is the best way to describe how it felt going through this album. Packed with inspirational rage, melancholic melodies, and sometimes just absolute chaos, KillSET swings wildly and without warning across a spectrum of emotions. A few of the dynamic changes feel awkward on the first listen. Just relax, once you get past your initial discomfort it feels great. When you finish the album, you will be back in line for another ride as fast as you can.

  In all, KillSET has made an awesome endeavour come to light with this album, that has something to offer for everybody. Filled with tracks as exciting as their single, “Killers in the Pit”, and as head turning as their remix of Kriss Kross’ “Jump”, this album is a welcome addition to any discerning metalhead’s collection,  KillSET will be drawing attention everywhere when they hit the road for this album, and here at Honest Brutality, we hope to see everyone killing it in the pit this year.

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