“Obliteration Process” by Obzidian Review

Obliteration Process by the UK based metal powerhouse Obzidian is a like velvet covered hammer to the face, and I mean that in a good way. This album hits you hard, but is smooth in it’s delivery.

The latest offering, and third full length album to come from this four piece outfit is proof that the band has been working relentlessly since their last release in 2014. Right from the opening of the first track “Sins Here Are Purified”, you feel as though you are being led to paradise through the gates of hell. With growling vocals, heavy grooves, melodic choruses and a thunderous bridge you realize early on this is going to be a good ride. The title track “Obliteration Process” sets a blistering pace, is relentless in its ferocity, and features an outstanding guitar solo. My personal favorite on the album “Desolate Creed” is visceral, brutal, and guttural, all while maintaining a polished, defined edge. Obzidian is no one trick pony, showcasing their musicianship and eclectic style with the instrumental track “Like Maggots They Infest”. This album is a must have for any self respecting metalheads collection, and is definitely one of the best albums to grace 2016.

Eric “Evil” Ernst

Honest Brutality



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