Under The Radar delivers the “Boom” with their new album “So Alive”

Album Review: Under The Radar – “So Alive”

Memphis rockers Under The Radar waste little time getting your attention with this 8 song collection of anthems meant to make you move your body and sing along to. This is made clear from the opening chords of the infectious “Boom” a powerhouse song that is begging for a stadium fill. Follow that up with “Motor” a hard rocking tune which has a strong Stone Temple Pilots feel to it. These songs carry a big sound which is made even more impressive when you consider that this is only a 3 piece band. The rhythm section does a lot of the heavy lifting and the guitar colors up the songs with just the right amount of flair. One thing that stands out with this album is the flow it creates. From one song to the next it feels like you are on a ride that you don’t want to get off of. That’s a huge accomplishment when assembling an album that not only creates cohesion for the album but gives it longevity. By the time you get to “Breathe” a radio hit in waiting , you find yourself sucked in and willing to go wherever these young men want to take you. The influences throughout the album are pretty obvious and vast as well. From Rush and Alice in Chains to Van Halen and the aforementioned Stone Temple Pilots with a sprinkling of Red Hot Chili Peppers for good measure.  While some musicians are trying to tell us that rock n’ roll is dead, UTR is here to remind us that it is “So Alive”.

Review by:

Rich “Big Sloppy” Markum

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