Songhammer: Disco and DPS Review

     It’s not often that I get to showcase my hardcore nerdom in such an obvious way. Usually it’s in the form of defending the cause of nerdiness against the sleights of Evil and Sloppy. Honestly, fantasy is as metal as it gets. Stories of mass armies of evil, medieval political intrigue, and glorious heroic figures swing swords bigger than your torso and legs combined. What’s not to love? Nothing! It’s all fucking epic. Anyway, there are a few bands out there that fly the nerd standard high. None quite so much as Songhammer, who have recently released a new EP, Disco and DPS. For you non-nerds out there, DPS means “Damage Per Second” an integral part of every well-rounded RPG group.

    Wielding war-hammers and clad in armor, Songhammer bring a goofy, cosplay style look to their music. Similar to GWAR (if you take into account the lack of inhuman slaughter and space fluids) in stage presence if not quite music style, this band is nothing but fun.  Songhammer has a wide ranging repertoire that showcases the vast diversity of nerd-kind. Everything from straight ahead Rock & Roll to EDM, and all things in between. Disco and DPS expands on this in directions that make you struggle to scratch your head in curiosity as it bobs to the beat.

    Now, if you can’t accept my word for it, that’s fine. Maybe it’s not as cool as I think. I am just one guy after all. However this band has managed to catch the eye of a low-budget, lesser known game development company called Blizzard, who premiered their video for Legion on the World of Warcraft game launcher. Blizzard plans on premiering their next video for the song Eat Us Alive in the same fashion, which will play in front of roughly 1 million people though that platform alone.

     In all, this EP and the rest of their catalog is worth giving a listen. They are clearly just in it for the fun and the community, which is a nice break from the big money grabs of the Pop world, and the severe intensity of heavy metal.  Songhammer has a well rounded, slightly comedic sound that anyone can enjoy, but even more so if you are in tune with the nerdy subject matter of the lyrics. Listen to this EP, watch their videos, explore their earlier releases, and just have a good fucking time. I certainly will be. Until next time, stay tuned and STAY METAL!

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