Through a Photographer’s Eyes

When I contemplate music, my vision is of a team of individuals with a common love of their craft coming together to form a collection of instrumental and vocal perfection. They speak through their music. Their purpose: to entertain their audience; entice them to sing along and to move their bodies. They touch their souls and make them feel good. They deliver memories. To the audience, music becomes a form of escape; a way to tap into an alter ego. It offers them something to believe in and relate to when the rest of the world doesn’t make sense.

Here is a little insight¬†of how I feel when I am shooting a show…

Pitch black! Her heart races. She brings her camera up to her eye in anticipation for the show to start. ¬†The drum beats, “Boom, Boom, BOOM”. Beams of light in red and yellow swiftly flow across the stage as the guitarist strums his strings and the singer approaches singing. The music from the amps pierces her mind, body and soul. She hears the music but her inner voice is much, much louder. The singer comes all the way up to the end of the stage. She could reach out and touch his shoe if she wanted.

The crowd cheers and screams excitedly. Camera settings fly through her thoughts like neon green words flying against black. These thoughts meld with her actions. Sensory overload kicks in simulating a surreal out-of- body experience. This is her passion, she savors every moment. She is in her perfect element, she is living music.

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